"like a lotus flower

we too have the ability to rise from the mud

bloom out of the darkness

and radiate into the world"


Lotus Yoga is a space for you to connect. To yourself, with others, your community, and beyond. We believe in much more than the postures of yoga; we believe yoga is the key to unlocking a life of purity, abundance, and joy. Purity of body, mind, and spirit gives you the ability to have more space in your life to become who you truly are within. A life of abundance means you can abundantly give to others - whether it’s your time & energy or you enjoying an abundance of love and happiness. All of these bring with them - joy. The utter joy of knowing your Self and being able to communicate that to the world around you. Be joy, share joy.

The tangible tools to getting there - to that place of purity, abundance & joy - requires you to step on your mat with an open mind, open heart. From there, trust that our team has got your back. We are trained to inspire connection through physicality, pranayama, and mental focus. With a dedicated practice, all is possible. All it takes is that first step of faith & trust in the process.

At Lotus Yoga, we understand there are no two yogis alike. We understand practicing first thing in the morning feels different than practicing in the evening. We've curated a schedule of practice that reflects the activities of your day.

Sunrise classes focus on the fundamentals of a consistent, dedicated morning ritual and follow the Ashtanga Method of postures. This style is great for cultivating consistency and dedication on & off the mat, progressing through asana, and healing your body as weak areas are fully illuminated. 

Morning and afternoon classes work on focusing and maintaining energy. These Vinyasa classes are energetic, powerful, and incorporate many styles of yoga and pranayama. Intelligent sequencing is provided by instructors as they design dynamic classes pulling from a broad spectrum of power yoga styles.

Evening classes help wind down energy and clear thoughts. These classes are slower in pace and incorporate deep stretch, mindful movement, and restorative elements of yoga. You can expect a better nights rest and more mental clarity from the activities of your day.