Q : Where do I park?


A : There is ample parking available at the IQ. On weekdays during normal business hours (8-5) the neighborhood is busy so the best parking is in the 4th & Church st. parking deck. You can enter the ground level on 4th or 5th street and it is a 5 minute walk to Lotus through Bailey Park. Early mornings, evenings and weekends, the lot at 5th street and Patterson avenue is open as well as all of the street parking spots around Bailey Park on Vine street and Patterson avenue. If these spots are filled, the parking deck mentioned above is free after 5pm and on weekends.  

Q : I’m new to yoga, what class should I come to?


A : Most of our classes are beginner friendly, with the exception of our Tuesday/Thursday experienced class offering. A great class to begin with is our weekly Yoga Basics class on Tuesday at 7:30pm ; a Yinyasa class available on Sunday at 6pm or Thursday at 7:30pm ; or our Ashtanga Foundations class available M/T/TH/F at 6am and Saturday at 8am. Refer to our Class Descriptions for additional details on what to expect for these offerings.

Q : Do you offer a free trial class?

A : We offer an amazing introductory offer to all new clients of Lotus Yoga. 30 days unlimited access for $30! A great deal to help you get familiar with our space, our offerings, and our instructors. It takes time to learn & build a regular habit of practice, so we want to help you get started so you experience lasting results and inspiration.

Q : I don’t have a mat, can I borrow one?

A : Yes, we have lululemon mats available to rent. Our rental fee is $1, this fee is waived your first time visiting and it’s included in our Drop-In rate. Think of your yoga mat as a good pair of running shoes, you wouldn’t borrow someone else’s — you would invest in your own to empower your running experience! It’s the same in yoga, your mat is there to enable ease in your practice and you will experience a lot of personal growth on your yoga mat, make the investment and transform your practice!

Q : How early/late can I arrive for class?

A : Plan to arrive 15 minutes early if you have never been to the studio to ensure enough time for the instructor to help you get organized for class. If the no instructor is here 15 minutes prior, call the studio. You can enter class up to 5 minutes late, but please do your best to be on time!

Q : Where are you located?

A : We are located at the Wake Forest Innovation Quarter in downtown Winston-Salem. This is the Wake Forest Medical School campus as well as many other restaurants, businesses, and offices. Our exact location is at 525 Vine Street in suite 215. This is a large white building with a red water tower on top and a big red @ symbol. Our front entrance is on Vine Street just before you enter the main entrance to the building, we have the letters Y O G A on our giant glass garage door which is visible from the street.

Q : Do you offer hot yoga classes?

A : No. Our studio is a comfortable temperature, 74 degrees. Posture and breath build heat in the body very quickly and you will sweat, but you will not be at risk of overheating or damaging your muscle tissue. Sweat is not a detoxifying bodily function, it is a cooling function. When you expose yourself to excess heat while applying posture and breath, you override your natural systems and all of your energy is expended in cooling your body down to avoid overheating and/or heat stroke. This gives the illusion of more flexibility because your energy is being spent on cooling instead of muscle tension, which is necessary to protect your joints. You will gain more strength and more functional mobility when you practice regularly in a comfortable temperate. We have big ceiling fans and will turn them on occasionally when classes are full or the outside temperate is in the 90’s.