Ashtanga Foundations

Ashtanga Foundations is a led practice following the Ashtanga Primary Series. This sequence is core & heat building with many hip opening postures and forward folds. Expect the same sequence in each class, with a totally brand new experience. Our bodies are different every day, the repetition of this sequence can improve your alignment and allow you to step into a moving meditative practice, healing both body & mind.

Sun Salutations | Foundational/Standing postures | Seated postures | Back Bending | Closing postures

*60/75 minute classes are a shortened sequence.

*90 minute classes are full sequence with time to work peak postures.


Surya Vinyasa


Awake & Revive | Surya Vinyasa is rhythmic, full of life, core intensive and sweat inducing. You will leave with a new found strength, clarity & sense of presence as this practice draws on the traditions of Ashtanga vinyasa with an open-mind approach to what's possible & available. This class always includes : sun salutations | standing postures | balance | heart awakening | strengthening drills | savasana

Level of Intensity and sequencing are unique to each instructor

*open - an all levels offering from beginner and beyond. However, if you are brand new to the practice of yoga, we suggest starting with a Fundamentals course or Ashtanga Foundations  class.

*experienced - for students with a consistent yoga practice. All levels are welcome to attend class. Less modifications will be instructed and students should have a strong sense of their own body & needs.


Chandra Vinyasa


Tune-in & Renew | Chandra Vinyasa is rhythmic, mindfully paced, expansive and rejuvenating. You will leave with a calmer state of mind, increased range of motion & more space for breath as we explore body mechanics of movement.

This class is less intensive on strengthening the upper body and more focused on awakening to the space within, always included : pranayama | lunar salutations | hip awakening | heart awakening | restoration | savasana

All levels are welcome. As always, we recommend starting with a Fundamentals course series or Ashtanga Foundations class if you are brand new to the practice of yoga.




A unique blend of Yin & Yang. The primary focus of these classes is the space and rejuvenation of Yin postures, with a little flare of Yang movement coming in and out of the longer holds. The fluidity of Yang inspires breath that is maintained in Yin. This class includes: spinal twists | hip opening | shoulder & neck release | work at the wall | Savasana

Sequencing is unique to each instructor, all levels always welcome.