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Kundalini 101

Join Neil Craver for our first ever Kundalini 101 workshop! Neil completed the first module of his Kundalini Teacher Training this month with the Rama Institute in Venice Beach, California. He spent 8 days fully immersed in practice and learning from a handful of master teachers, some of which have been teaching longer than he has been alive! The teaching staff included Harijiwan, Tej, Guru Jagat, and Gurujas. He is inspired and thrilled to bring what he has learned to our growing Lotus Yoga family.

What To Expect : An in depth introduction to the practice of Kundalini. Neil will briefly highlight the history of Kundalini Yoga and it's key teachers, he will introduce the opening mantra which is always done at the beginning of a Kundalini class, and he will guide us through a handful of Kriya's, or complete actions of mantra, mudra, and asana to access Kundalini energy. This workshop will give you the basic knowledge and understanding to help you begin your Kundalini practice and feel confident participating in our new weekly Kundalini classes. 

  • Meditation and the Mind

  • Postures, Kriyas, and Mantras

  • Science of Breath and Sound

  • Yogic Lifestyle, Diet and Nutrition

  • Developing a Daily Spiritual Practice

  • Yogic Philosophy and Physiology

What to Wear : Comfortable clothes. Anything you would typically practice in if you are already into a yoga practice. Loose fitting clothing may be best. Wearing white clothing expands the aura, however all colors are welcome and encouraged. 

Investment : $15 for Lotus Yoga Members, $25 for public

When : Sunday Septermber 29th, 3-5 pm