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Ashtanga Intensive with Sam Vetrano

Ashtanga Intensive weekend with Sam Ventrano

Sam Vetrano is a Yoga Teacher trainer, donation-based studio owner, non-profit founder, and full on badass female entrepreneur. She challenges students and community in all facets of living their yoga on and off the mat and inspires those she is able to connect with to think bigger, think broader, and shift beliefs towards a future of unity, equal opportunity, and acceptance. She is transparent in her daily thoughts and shares her struggles with raw, unfiltered, and unapologetic energy. She is here to not only make a dent in our generation, but leave a legacy of humility and growth in the name of doing better than those that wrote the books. She has an education and background in History, Philosophy and a passion for uncovering truths about religion and Global citizenship. Full descriptions of each workshop are listed below. If you are unable to attend one of the workshops, book the ones you can come to individually! Save some dollars when you book the bundle of all 4 events for the price of $165.

***We are accepting requests to join these workshops on a pay what you can basis. Contact and tell us why you want to be a part of this special weekend and ask how we can support you on getting here.***

Ashtanga Primary Series — October 12th 8-10 am $30

In this workshop we will work our way through the Ashtanga primary series. Sam will be explaining briefly the history of Ashtanga yoga, along with her experience with the practice. The primary series is a dynamic series made to challenge the physical body and mind. Sam will begin with the opening chant and then lead a full primary series practice, followed by the closing chant and Q&A. This workshop is open to all levels.

 Intro to Floating in Sun Sals/Inversions — October 12th 1-3 pm $50

 Sam will be going through the basics strength elements of floating throughout our vinyasa practice. We will also look at the dynamics of “floating” in and out of sun salutations and arm balances. Floating in this context will include different strength elements that will help make your practice more dynamic and safer for your body. This workshop is open to all levels.

Ashtanga Transitions/Strength Elements — October 13th 10-12 pm $50

 This entire workshop is geared around specific ashtanga transitions including “jump backs” and “jump throughs.” Sam will go through the foundations of lolasana and other basic lifts that will help strengthen your primary series. We will also learn drills that we can do at home, that will help aid in our vinyasa practice. This workshop is open to all levels.

Empowering Women within Yoga Asana — October 13th 3-5 pm $50

 The first part of this workshop is set up more as a discussion. We will talk about the history of yoga asana and the history of women within that context. We will use this historical knowledge to talk about how we can move forward in a world that is geared towards elevating men, even within the realm of yogic philosophy and asana practice. The second half of class will focus on building strength within our own bodies and talking about how we can use our specific proportions to approach asana from the standpoint of women.

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